Event weekend at a glance


Team Relay Race Rules

1 Swim Course

The swimmer must wear the timing chip on their ankle and should do so under their wetsuit. When they exit the water they make their way to where the bike is racked in Transition where they pass their timing chip on to the cyclist in the team.

2 Bike

The cyclist must wear the big race number on the back of their vest. The cyclist must wait at their bike, which must be racked until they have been tagged by the swimmer and secured the chip to their ankle. ALL competitors taking part in any relay must have their helmet placed on their bicycle and must not put the helmet on until they have been tagged by their team mate but before they have picked up their bicycle. Competitors must remove their helmet once their bicycle is racked but before they tag their team mate. Upon completing the bike course the cyclist must make their way back to their original position in Transition, re-rack their bike and THEN remove their chip and race number and hand them over to the runner.

3 Run

The runner must wear the big race number on the front of their vest. They must wait by their racking location until the bike is racked before securing the chip to their ankle. There will be a ‘Team Relay Meeting Point’ 100m from the finish line, should teams wish to run into the finish together.

Venue facilities

Bag Store

There will be no facilities for storing bags or valuables at the Palace. You are permitted to place a small soft-sided bag such as a rucksack in transition, although all property is left at the owner’s risk.

Changing Facilities & Showers

There will be limited changing facilities, but no showers. We recommend you arrive ready to race and bring some warm clothes for afterward.


There will be catering outlets in the Competitor Village and at other locations around the grounds serving a selection of hot and cold snacks throughout the day.


Kids Zone


The Bloodwise Blenheim Triathlon was one of the first major triathlons in the UK to cater for children making it a fantastic weekend for the whole family. Now in its 12th year, this Run-Bike- Run event caters for children of all abilities from the age of 3 to 13. Over 400 children have taken part in each of the last 4 years.

Visit www.mi-sport.co/mi-race-at-blenheim for full details and online entry.

Entry on the day cannot be guaranteed so ENTER NOW to avoid disappointment.


Please hand any items found to the Competitor Village Help Desk. We will hold onto any lost property for three months after the race. Visit the Help Desk during the event, alternatively email info@theblenheimtriathlon.com post event.


Physio & Therapy UK is the country’s leading provider of specialist event therapies including sports massage and sports specific physiotherapy. The booking process is simple although you are advised to preregister as queues on the day are likely for those who choose not to book. Simply send an email to events@physioandtherapy.co.uk including your name and mobile phone number. Please also choose

time and duration of your treatment, Physio & Therapy offer pre and post treatments (£15 for 15 minutes and £25 for 30 minutes) and are also on hand with specialists in Kinesiology taping methods for those who require extra support for a current injury at £5 per joint/area. For those of you unable to pre-book your treatment, there is still the option to turn up on the event day although there

is an average wait time of 30 minutes. To visit their clinics in London through to Northumberland go to www.physioandtherapy.co.uk for more details. For help or for more information please call 0208 943 2240.


A team of experienced sports medics, alongside first aiders and paramedics from St John’s Ambulance and their paramedic team, will be on standby at various places on the course including the swim leg. Their main treatment facility will be located at the race Finish. If you feel unwell, please contact a member of the medical team.


Official photographers and videographers will be out in force to capture the event – so remember to smile! Marathon-Photos.com will be taking your photograph at various stages of the race and these photographs will be available for purchase online after the race at www.marathon-photos.com. Once ordered, the photos will be sent to you. Highlights of the Race will be shown on Channel 4. Timings and other broadcasters will be announced on our website and social media channels.


There are toilet facilities available in the car park, at the Competitor Village, on the west side of the Palace and on leaving the Transition for the swim start.

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