Thinking about signing up?

Nervous about signing up and don’t know what to expect? Taking part in a triathlon for the first time or stepping up in distance can be a daunting thought for many people! You are not alone in that nervous feeling, on average over [50%] of entrants taking part in both Blenheim Triathlon and London Triathlon […]

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How much training is involved?

When considering how many hours you can commit to training each week, take in to consideration what your goal is for the race? It’s your first triathlon and simply crossing the finish line will be a massive achievement no matter what the time It’s your first triathlon but you have a sporting back ground and […]

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How far are we talking?

If you’ve got this far you probably already know that triathlon involves a swim, bike and run … in that order, as well as transitioning between each discipline as quickly as possible. The distance of each depends on the race you enter; however the standard options are as follows: Category Swim Bike Run Super Sprint […]

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