The Venue


We do not provide changing facilities, but there are changing areas within the concourse of the Excel Centre. However, there are no showers. We recommend you arrive ready to race and bring some warm clothes for afterward.



There will be a cloakroom available at Level 0 accessible from the ExCeL central boulevard. This will be open on Saturday from 1000 hrs – 2000 hrs and on Sunday from 0630 hrs – 1900 hrs. There is a nominal charge of £1 per item left.

*NB: IMG (UK) Ltd will not be responsible for any items left.



Please hand any items found to the Help Desk located in the South Hall, close to chip collection. We will hold onto any lost property for three months after the race. If you have lost an item of your property, please email us at

*NB: IMG (UK) Ltd will not be responsible



Massages will be available in the finish festival area, for all triathletes. Details of prices and how to book will be made available in due course. 

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