Brick Sessions

A brick session is cycling followed up straight away with a run, with as little time between the two as possible.

For triathlon this is great training, you get used to the feeling of running off the bike which tends to make them feel like wobbly jelly legs, it is also a perfect time to practise transitions as well. If you have access to a gym with a stationary bike and a treadmill, this type of session can even be done indoors.


For this, you want a cycle root that is about 5km in distance and a run loop that is around 1500-2000m. If you are strapped for time, then a quick intense hour like this is a great way to get your tri training in. Done correctly this is a tough intense session, but very worth the effort!


Gentle warm-up run, for this you could run one repetition of your run loop.

1 repetition of the 5km Bike Loop
1 repetition of the 1500m run loop
Repeat this 3 or 4 times through non-stop changing between the disciplines as quickly as possible no breaks in between the repetitions.

If you time each repetition you are looking for each of the bike reps times to be the same, not get slower, and each of the run reps to be the same. The more consistent you can keep the times the
better you are getting at pacing and building your endurance.

Don’t forget to let your body slowly return back to a resting state a short easy run followed by some gentle stretching will help you body relax and recover.

You can experiment with the distance of each discipline, for example, you can up the run and shorten the bike to create a run focussed brick, also you could perform this on a hilly route for extra difficulty. Brick sessions can be very tough high-intensity sessions, stick with it and don’t give up, they are perfect preparation for race day!

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