Undertaking your first triathlon can be a daunting experience, figuring out what kit you need, how to transition from one sport to the next, what nutrition to take, not to mention getting started with open water swimming.

Our one-day triathlon training days are perfect to help take the stress out of your triathlon challenge and tell you all you need to know to make your event an enjoyable achievement.

The training day covers

– Kit and equipment for triathlon

– Open water swimming tips and practice

– Transition training

– Run training session drills and technique

– Seminar and nutrition talk

Ham Lake Run – 60mins


The Ham lake run takes place on Monday evenings on the footpaths around Ham, near Richmond, all of the sessions will be structured and will cater for ALL abilities. Each session will ask different things from you, you will be asked to work on your own as well as with other athletes. We will keep you thinking and asking your body to adapt constantly which is where you will see the improvements.  The sessions will be tough for those of you who have never run a structured session before, but the emphasis will be on ‘LEARNING’ and ‘FUN’ as much as it will be on training hard.

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Richmond Park Run – 60mins 

Starting from Sheen Gate in Richmond Park one Saturday morning mid-month, this off road session is structured for all abilities of runner so each runner works to their own ability. These sessions are great for building an understanding of intervals and pacing and the friendly group environment encourages you to work harder than you would training on your own.

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Richmond Park Brick Session60-90mins

Starting from Robin Hood Gate in Richmond Park, one Sunday morning each month over winter. Learn about the 4th discipline of triathlon, transition, while getting a fun but tough training session! Brick sessions are short bike, run repetitions great for building stamina in the legs to improve your running off the bike and avoid jelly legs come race day.

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Hampton Pool Swim Session – 60mins

Are you fed up with swimming on your own? Does all the swimming you’re doing consist of churning out length after length with no structure? Then this could be the perfect session for you at Hampton pool weekly on Thursday evenings. This session is a squad style session that is open to anyone who wants to attend, it doesn’t matter if you can swim like Michael Phelps or whether you can swim at all. Each week there will be a structured swim session catering for all ability levels. Each week there will also be a lane set aside for ‘swim teaching’ where one of the RG Active coaches on poolside will be able to help you improve your stroke, teach you the basics, introduce you to new drills and techniques or just offer some much needed guidance on what you are or are not doing in the water

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Majorca Triathlon Camp

26 Mar-2 Apr

During the week in Majorca the training will be organised so your schedule will be full, we generally look to get in two sessions per day and every session caters for ALL abilities. Throughout the week you will be coached by the friendly RG Active coaches in swimming, both open water and pool swimming with video analysis, cycling and running. With plenty of opportunity to ask questions on training and nutrition. A challenging but very rewarding week of training.

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Majorca Cycling Camp

26 Feb-5Mar

One of the main differences that sets the professional athletes apart from everyone else is the time they get for recovery. After a long and/or hard training session most of you have to go to work, go do the shopping, take the children to school so never really just relax and let your body completely recover afterwards. Well on our cycling training camp you get that time to relax. You can go out and train as hard or as long as you want and do so knowing that after the session you can go back to your hotel room and relax in the spa/sauna, take a bath, sleep and let your body prepare itself ready for the next training ride.

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