Team Relay

Sprint Team Relay

Entering as a Team Relay is a great introduction to triathlon. The concept is simple: 1 person swims, 1 person bikes and 1 person runs, in turn. The ‘baton’ (timing chip) is passed between team mates in transition. Then all team members can meet at the ‘team meeting point’ to cross the finish line together. Team Relay is a great way to take on a triathlon with friends or family. At Blenheim Tri you can choose to enter as a Team Relay for Sprint distance only. 


The swimmer must wear the timing chip on their ankle and should do so under their wetsuit. When they exit the water, they make their way to where the bike is racked in Transition where they pass their timing chip onto the cyclist in the team.


The cyclist must wear the big race number on the back of their vest. The cyclist must wait at their bike, which must be racked until they have been tagged by the swimmer and secured the chip to their ankle. ALL competitors taking part in any relay must have their helmet placed on their bicycle and must not put the helmet on until they have been tagged by their teammate but before they have picked up their bicycle. Competitors must remove their helmet once their bicycle is racked but before they tag their teammate. Upon completing the bike course the cyclist must make their way back to their original position in Transition, re-rack their bike and THEN remove their chip and race number.


The runner must wear the big race number on the front of their vest. They must wait in their racking location until the bike is racked before securing the chip to their ankle. There will be a ‘Team Relay Meeting Point’ 100m from the finish line, should teams wish to run into the finish together.