A full overview of the ballot process and entry prices for each distance can be found here. 

All first draw ballot results are being communicated via email on Wednesday 17 March. Please check your inbox, including your spam and junk folders, for information on your results. These will be sent to the email that you used to enter the ballot.  

If you entered the ballot and have not received any results emails in the first draw by Thursday 18 March, please email info@blenheimtriathlon.com before 12pm on Wednesday 24 March 2021. If you have been successful, you will need to act to secure your place! 

For more information on the ballot process and timelines, please click here. 

Congratulations! To claim your place in the event simply follow the unique registration link in your email, fill in the required personal information and pay for your place. You MUST complete your registration BEFORE the deadline of 11.59pm on Thursday 25 March 2021 or you will lose your place in the event. 

Unlucky! But remember, you can still secure a place! The second draw ballot results will be announced on Wednesday 31 March 2021. In this draw, we will be allocating all remaining first-place preferences and all second-preference places. Meaning that you could still be in luck!

Entry prices vary based on day and distance. See below for more information:  


Saturday Sprint – £123.49 

Saturday Premium Sprint – £131.00 

Saturday Super Sprint – £108.99 

Sunday Sprint – £112.00 

Sunday Premium Sprint – £131.00 

Sunday Super Sprint – £98.49 

Weekend Warrior – £219.49 


Please note all entry prices will be subject to an additional booking fee. 

If people do not complete their registration by the deadline date, their places will be released back into the ballot pot and allocated through our second draw. 

If you do not complete your event registration before the deadline of 11.59pm Thursday 25 March 2021, you will lose your place in the event. This place will be released back into the ballot pot for the second draw. However, great news – you will still be able to take part in the event for one of our amazing charity partners! More information will be released on this shortly. 

The second-draw results will be announced on Wednesday 31 March 2021. Please keep an eye on your inbox (including your junk and spam folders!) as if you are successful you will need to act to secure your place.  

If you are successful in the second draw, you will need to register for your place via a unique registration link sent to you on email. You MUST complete your registration BEFORE the deadline of 11.59pm on Friday 16 April 2021 or you will lose your place in the event. 

If you do not win a place in either the first or second draw, you will still be able to take part in the event for one of our amazing charity partners! More information will be released shortly. 

If you do not complete your event registration before the deadline of 11.59pm Friday 16 April 2021, you will lose your place in the event. However, great news – you will still be able to take part in the event for one of our amazing charity partners! More information will be released on this shortly. 

If you would like to ask another question, please get in touch with the team on info@blenheimtriathlon.com. Don’t forget, you can check out a full overview of the ballot process here. 


The Blenheim Palace Triathlon consists of two race categories; super sprint and sprint.

The Super Sprint race consists of a 400m swim, 13.2km bike ride, and a 2.9km run.

The Sprint race consists of a 750m swim, 19.8km bike ride, and a 5.4km run.

If you are not comfortable completing a full triathlon you can compete in a sprint relay which consist of three people completing a single leg of the race to make up an entire triathlon; for example one person carries out the swim, another the cycle and finally the third person completes the run.

The minimum age for competitors is 16, as long as you are 17 on or before 31st December 2021.

The premium sprint will allow you to compete in the first wave of the day. 

Registrations have now opened for the Blenheim Palace Triathlon! Visit our Entries page and grab one of our Super Early bird places before they all sell out.

We are an all-inclusive event and do our utmost to accommodate participants with disabilities.  Please contact our Customer Service Team, with a description of your disability. We will assess this and establish if it is possible to compete and what we require to make this feasible.

Your entry fee covers the staging of the event and third party insurance.

The BTF day licence is a licence for racing and covers your public liability insurance for the day.

If you’re not already a British Triathlon member you need a day membership to comply with British Triathlon Competition Rules which require all competitors be a member of the sport for the day. This will been covered in your entry fee.

Day Membership includes:

i) British Triathlon membership on race day

ii) Race licence to compete in the sport on the day of the race

iii) Individual public liability insurance cover up to £15 million on the day of the race

If you are a British Triathlon member, you can collect a day membership refund from Help Desk on the day. Please bring proof of membership for a refund. A membership card, screenshot or print out of your membership will be accepted.

For further information on race licenses please contact the BTF directly at: www.britishtriathlon.org.

Each race category has a specific number of places and if this is full it will display ‘Sold Out’. Alternatively, if you cannot find the desired race category on the entry form please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you; info@blenheimtriathlon.com

We do not operate a reserve/cancellation list. We take into account the usual drop-out rate prior to the event.

To ensure you race with friends, family, and work colleagues you need to choose the same race category and join the same team. You will also need to request the same gender race (male, female or mixed) during the registration process. We’ll try our best to ensure you and your team are in the same wave, but this is not guaranteed.

Our registration platform, Active Network, creates a profile for all participants. This enables you to view all of the events you have registered for on Active, both past and present. You can access this by visiting myevents.active.com.

Once there you can make any relevant changes to your personal details and the event registration from. All changes must be made prior to the our first set of participant data beings end to our fulfillment company, 6 weeks prior to the event weekend.

Start times and wave allocations can be found on our official website two weeks prior to the event.

As per the withdrawal policy you can transfer your place to another race category subject to availability. In order to make any changes to your entry please login in to myevents.active.com. Please note, you can only change this up to 6 weeks prior to the event weekend.

 Once wave allocations have been made it is not possible to change your start time.


Unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds or transfer places to next year. There are a great deal of costs involved in staging an event of this proportion, such as paying for staffing, infrastructure, road closures and medical cover, all of which aren’t recoverable.

As stated in the terms and conditions, there will be absolutely no refunds. 


For event specific accommodation information please visit the Blenheim Palace website.

You cannot camp or park overnight in the Palace ground and will be asked to leave by security should you attempt to do so.

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1UL

Blenheim Palace is situated in the Woodstock, 8 miles north west of Oxford on the A44 Evesham Road and approximately a one hour drive from the outskirts of both London and Birmingham.


Approaching Oxford on the M40, exit at junction 9 and follow signs to Blenheim. From other directions take the A44 exit from the Oxford by-pass.


The nearest British Rail main line station is New Oxford Parkway. The S3 bus runs from Oxford to Woodstock at approximately 30 minute intervals. There are car parking facilities for cars and coaches and car parking is free for competitors. 

In order to set up in transition and be ready for your race we recommend that you arrive 90 minutes before the start of your wave. You then need to be at Swim Assembly point 20 minutes before your wave is due to take place, this is to ensure you have partaken in our safety briefing and have received your swim cap

The bib number is used for the cycle and run elements of your challenge. The number goes on your back for the cycle and on the front for the run. This can be attached with safety pins, however, it is recommended to use a race belt. You simply attach your number to the race belt and then put the clip it around your midriff. It can then be moved to show the number on your back for the bike and on the front for the run.

The bike number stickers are placed on the front of the bike and the top of your helmet which serves two purposes.

  1. To ensure you are taking the correct bike out of transition
  2. You can be identified on our official photos which you may wish to purchase

Your wristband needs to worn to get you in and out of transition. Without this you cannot gain access to this area

Wetsuits are compulsory for this triathlon for the safety of our participants. Your wetsuit will keep you warm and improve your swimming speed; a wetsuit provides you with extra buoyancy and the higher you are the faster you swim.

Your wetsuit must be a neoprene and we recommend a full body wetsuit, it can be a ‘shorty’

Nudity is not allowed in the transition area therefore, you should ensure you wear whatever you feel comfortable in for the run and the cycle.  Most triathletes will wear a tri suit as this can be used for the swim and the cycling element of the race.

No. You will be unable to hear other competitors or the marshals when you are wearing one and consequently pose a threat to others.

We conduct numerous tests right up to the race day itself to ensure that the water is safe to swim in.

Backstroke is not allowed, as this can be confused with our distress signal. We recommend that you try to swim front crawl but breaststroke is also permitted.

Tri bars (and handlebars) must be plugged and they must be secure. There is no requirement for them to be shorter than the brake levers unlike in the elite races.

Your helmet will pass the safety inspection as long as it has no cracks in it, has no damage to it and bears a CE & EU safety mark inside it. The strap must also be in good working order.

Drafting is against the rules for all but the Elite Competitors. You must not take shelter cycling behind or cycle beside another competitor during the race. You can be disqualified from the race for drafting. The draft zone is a rectangle measuring ten (10) metres long by two (2) metres wide. The centre of the leading 2 metre edge is measured from the back edge of the back wheel.

For more detailed triathlon rules and regulations please click here or contact the British Triathlon Federation www.britishtriathlon.org

This year, to reduce contact with volunteers, there will be no water stations offered on the route.  Water will be available once you cross the finish line.

Unfortunately The Blenheim Palace Triathlon is not suitable for wheelchair athletes due to the narrow paths on the run route, steep terrain to access the water and small transition entrance/exits in the Palace courtyard. The Palace itself is wheelchair accessible and we welcome spectators out to support along the route. 


Provisional results with all your split times are now available on our website here.

If you have any queries relating to your results, please contact our timing providers on timing@raceahead.net.

Photos taken by our official photographers, Marathon Photos, are now available for you to view and purchase. Click here to view yours now.

Please contact the event organisers via email: info@blenheimtriathlon.com, with a full description of the missing item and we will do our best to reunite you with the item.

This year, there is no need to return your timing chip as it is disposable.


If you’d like to volunteer and be #partofthecrew please contact: info@blenheimtriathlon.com for more information. 

We couldn’t do our events without our incredible volunteers. Working at the UK’s most stunning triathlon is an incredible opportunity and an amazing weekend of sport.

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