Race Information

The 2019 Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon Race Information is your complete guide to race weekend. In it you will find, directions on how to get there, rules and regulations, as well as wave times. Please make sure you read it carefully prior to the event weekend and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Services team.



Spectators will be able to track friends and family around the Bloodwise Blenheim Palace triathlon course. This is available via the website homepage on event weekend. Alternatively you can track them here for Saturday and here for Sunday. 

Just hit the ‘Start Tracking’ button, type in the person’s name or race number and watch them make their way around the course. You can also receive a text notification when they cross the finish line!


Your wave times can be found via the button below. You can search for your name using Crtl+F. The time of your wave is determined by the distance and wave type you chose at registration. Please note wave times cannot be changed at this stage. If you have any other questions or queries regarding your wave please email our Customer Services team. The timetable of waves can be found below.

Please ensure you take note of your wave start time listed above and arrive at least 90 minutes beforehand. This will allow you sufficient time to rack your bike in transition and to make your way to the swim start for your swim safety briefing. Please note you need to be at the swim start assembly at least 20 minutes before your start time.



Your race results will be sent via SMS text message service if we have been provided with a British mobile number. 

Alternatively, your results will also be available online here – please note there may be a delay between you finishing the race and your results being populated online.



We are expecting very hot weather over the weekend – reaching temperatures up to 26 degrees! Please carefully read our tips below to keep safe in the hot weather:

HEAT ADVISORY – It is important that you proceed with caution in the heat and listen to your body at all times.

  1. Keep hydrated! Make sure you drink lots of water in the lead up and during the event. Please ensure you bring at least 1.5 litre with you. You should start the race adequately hydrated and then drink small amounts as your thirst dictates. Avoid drinking too much fluid before, during or after the race, as it is possible to get ill from drinking too much fluid (this applies to water OR sports drinks). Cups of water are available at the swim exit and at the start of the run – you will need to provide your own drinks for the bike leg. Water will also be available once you cross the finish line and there will be a refill point in the village
  2. Keep wetsuits rolled down to your waist and do not put your swim cap on until instructed at swim start – this will prevent you overheating. We do not expect the water temperature to go above 25 degrees, which means it will remain wetsuit compulsory.
  3. Apply sun cream before your swim and bring sun cream with you
  4. If you feel unwell, slow down and find some shade – if in doubt seek help from the medics based on the course, at transition and at the finish area
  5. On finishing, cool down in the shade and continue to hydrate
  6. Manage your expectations – You will need to pace yourself more conservatively and carefully monitor how your body is responding. Don’t be afraid to take walking breaks if you notice yourself starting to overheat. Be sure to seek the help of our race marshals if you have any signs of dizziness or extreme thirst
  7. Dress for the conditions – Wear light coloured, technical gear that allows for decent air flow. Wear a hat and sun cream is a must
  8. Stay cool – Prior to the race, we recommend that you keep yourself within the shade where possible. The transition area is exposed, so you may with to bring a hat or umbrella to provide your own shade.

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