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Bike Training


We all know the UK isn’t renowned for beautiful sunny weather and while it can make it a bit more of a chore to get out on the bike if it’s cold or raining outside it’s no excuse for not getting the training in. Indoor cycle training can be the way to go, to help keep the training up.

There are a few options for indoor training

  • If you’re a gym member all gyms will normally have stationary bikes as part of their equipment so jump on and start spinning.
  • Most gyms have group fitness classes on offer and this will normally include a Spin class, this is a great way to train with others and keep the enthusiasm and motivation high.
  • You don’t always need an expensive gym membership for example if you’re only intending on training there once a week or while your training for this event, there are sites such as Pay as You Gym which will let you buy a one-day pass to attend almost any gym around the country (just check the pass allows you attend classes as well if that’s your intention).
  • The biggest key to success with indoor training is structure and purpose – be sure to follow a structured session it will maintain your focus and help to keep the training interesting.

One final point on indoor training, while you can condition your body for cycling and triathlon with indoor training, there is no substitute for bike handling skills, be sure to incorporate cycling on your bike outdoors to improve your confidence and ability on the bike.

The other alternative is to get a Turbo/Static Trainer, then training can be done in the comfort of your own home. A basic turbo/static trainer can cost anywhere from £90-£100 and you connect your own bike up to it via the back wheel.


When it comes to training outdoors, like with indoor training hill reps, interval sessions are hugely beneficial. Cycling outdoors doesn’t just have to be about longer rides to cover the distance with no focus. Take a look at session examples for a way to structure your sessions.

If cycling is something you want to do more of consider investing in a good set of kit, cycling shorts with a good thick chamois will help keep you comfortable on the saddle and a lightweight windproof and water resistance jacket are great to help keep you comfortable for longer while out on the road.


  1. Make sure you have the means to replace a punctured inner tube with you … and you know how to do so! There are a lot of videos on YouTube that will show you how.
  2. Mobile phone – in case you need help or a taxi home for whatever reason.