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Packing Smart with KitBrix Bags

We’re delighted to have KitBrix on board as our official triathlon bag provider! Find out more about their bags and how you can transform your triathlon experience with their help.

KitBrix is known for their famous legacy ‘no soggy bottom’ solutions bag, the KitBrix. It’s a robust, modular, military-inspired kit bag for passionate athletes looking for a solution to carry all their kit. It’s the only bag of its kind with a hard-core base and each KitBrix can be zipped to another; interlocked together keeping wet and dry separate and used as a pair to form a rucksack.

KitBrix saves the athlete training and organization time, offering safety and security through its rugged design and control over contents. These exceptional kit bags keep everything contained – brick-like and modular by adjoining zippers located on the outside of the kit bag. The hard-wearing material allows superbly easy clean up. Designed to work for the athlete, the bags fit helmet, shoes, gloves, towel, wetsuits, goggles and personal items and the clear window pocket in the inner lid of the bag cleverly enables a priceless position for your contents check list!

KitBrix has dramatically changed and transformed the athletic kit bag in fit, form, function and appearance by giving the athlete a kit structure that can take the abuse from the environment. For a limited time, KitBrix’s ingeniously designed and simple well-designed kit is now offering advanced orders of pink bags for a pop of colour.

Kitbrix was created for high endurance sports where transporting kit gear easily to races and sporting events is essential — and to be able to endure all weather elements from rain to mud:

  • Built with a waterproof outer shell and tough bottom
  • Designed with multiple handles and straps, you can wear over the shoulder or like a backpack
  • Known for durability, versatility and can be easily wiped clean or hose off and ready to be used again and again
  • Endures the abuse and is super sturdy with extra pockets inside to store dry and wet clothes separately
  • Can be cleaned by hand or thrown in the washing machine and your bag is ready to be used repeatedly and can withstand the test of time.

It’s a highly reliable bag for endurance sports such as ultra-marathons, triathlons, track cycling, swimming, orienteering, rowing, rugby, water polo, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, football and any sports that requires transport of kit gear and equipment.

For more information on KitBrix and how to purchase your bundle and accessories, visit their website here.