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Achieve More From Your Workouts by Training with Friends

Active Life and Protect in association with Vitality, help people with their life and health insurance needs and through this encourage people to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Here are 7 great reasons to message your friends and arrange a training session.


  1. You are more likely to train

When it’s a horrible Monday morning, the wind and rain is hitting the window, it is all too easy to pull to duvet over and “do it tomorrow”. Having a friend relying on you can make all the difference. Working with a buddy can give you much more emotional support and encouragement (especially on those cold rainy mornings)!


  1. You will Work 200% Harder

A study run by Kansas State University showed that working out with a friend who you feel is better than you, increases your intensity by up to 200%. Psychologically we feel feel pushed to keep up with each other.


  1. You Burn More Calories

With friendly competition we are much more motivated. A study run by Virgin Active showed women who workout with friends burn up to 236 calories per session, whereas women who use the gym alone burn 195 calories per session. A friend can motivate us to train longer which may make all the difference when it comes to those last few hundred meters in your next triathlon!


  1. Your Body Changes Quicker

Training with a buddy can give you a 176% greater chance of changing your body. Having a network of friends all supporting each other keeps you motivated in reaching your goals especially if they are slightly fitter and stronger than yourself.


  1. You will Try New Things

Friends will have different ways of training and even have completely different training techniques to yourself. Maybe you will improve your core strength with that Yoga class, put more focus on your strength and swim faster, or go on a different run or bike route to normal.


  1. You will Feel Closer to Your Friends

Studies show that group exercise creates stronger bonds between people and in turn helps you to perform better. If you are a business owner or manage a team at work, why not encourage a team work out. A close knit team will certainly produce better results and work. Further to this, staff being fitter and healthier will also increase their productivity and decrease their time off sick.


  1. You will Feel more Accomplished

Sharing your progress helps you to achieve more. The praise and encouragement you receive helps to keep you motivated. If you are posting your achievements on social media, remember it is YOUR goal and do not be distracted by others goals.


So, now you have messaged a friend to go and train tonight – Active Life and Protect would like to help your further. Vitality Members receive 50% off a pair of sports shoes from Runners Need.

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