Packing Smart with KitBrix Bags

We’re delighted to have KitBrix on board as our official triathlon bag provider! Find out more about their bags and how you can transform your triathlon experience with their help. KitBrix is known for their famous legacy ‘no soggy bottom’ solutions bag, the KitBrix. It’s a robust, modular, military-inspired kit bag for passionate athletes looking […]

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9 ‘go faster’ triathlon race tips

Alice Hector in partnership with PedalSure Follow these small pointers to gain speed throughout the entire race. The seconds saved will add up to minutes, and boost your finish position with no extra training! Free speed you say? What’s not to love? However, think safety first! Are you fuelling your race? If it’s anything over […]

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KitBrix Essentials

There is a lot to remember on triathlon race day and it can be very easy to forget kit that you may have planned on using. The last thing you want to do is be running around at the event before your race stressing and trying to borrow forgotten items from fellow competitors. Luckily our […]

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Run Training

INDOOR The majority of your running will probably be done outdoors, however, if you do have access to a treadmill it is a perfectly viable option to get in some quality training. But like with all your training having a focus and structure to your workout will be beneficial. Why not mix it up and incorporate some strength […]

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Bike Training

INDOOR We all know the UK isn’t renowned for beautiful sunny weather and while it can make it a bit more of a chore to get out on the bike if it’s cold or raining outside it’s no excuse for not getting the training in. Indoor cycle training can be the way to go, to […]

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Swim Training

INDOOR Swimming is largely a technique based sport, meaning you don’t necessarily need to be very strong to swim quickly, get your technique right and you will be flying through the lengths! Swimming in a pool allows you time to work on your front crawl technique and increase your swim fitness in a comfortable environment. […]

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