Event Day

Team Relay

Entering as a Team Relay is a great introduction to triathlon. The concept is simple: 1 person swims, 1 person bikes and 1 person runs, in turn. The ‘baton’ (timing chip) is passed between team mates in transition. Then all team members can meet at the ‘team meeting point’ to cross the finish line together. Team Relay is a great way to take on a triathlon with friends or family. At London Tri you can choose to enter as a Team Relay, either taking on an Olympic or Sprint distance triathlon. 



In an all-new addition to the AJ Bell London Triathlon for 2018, we are excited to introduce the Accenture Mixed Team Relay Challenge. The Accenture Mixed Team Challenge holds true to the principals of mixed relay, providing people with the opportunity to take part in an inclusive, mixed gender and fun team activity. The event series has teamwork at its heart and offers the opportunity for both beginner and seasoned triathletes to team up and compete for top prizes.




Complete and bring the enclosed team registration form to Chip Collection when you collect your timing chip on race day. The timing chip acts like a relay baton and must be transferred to the next person after each leg.


The swimmer must wear the timing chip on their ankle. When they exit the water (having removed their wetsuit) they make their way to where the bike is racked in transition, where they pass their timing chip on to the cyclist in the team.


The cyclist must wear the big race number on the back of their vest and have the stickers correctly attached to their bike and helmet. The cyclist must wait at their bike, which must remain racked until they have been tagged by the swimmer and secured the chip to their ankle. Once tagged they must securely fasten their helmet and only then should they remove their bike from the rack. Upon returning to transition, cyclists must first rack their bike, then remove their helmet and only then tag their teammate and hand over the chip.


The runner must wear their race number on the front of their vest and must attach the chip to their ankle and only then begin the run section.


If you want your finish photo with your relay teammates, make sure you work out a rough time for your runner and arrange to catch your runner for the last 100m dash to the finish together. You can see where the team meeting point is on the map of the ExCeL. You will need your ‘Team Meeting Point’ wristbands in order to gain access to this area.