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Wetsuit and apparel specialist HUUB has the vision to create better products combining research, science and reality. Team HUUB has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, the HUUB team explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best.

You can purchase or hire a HUUB wetsuit to make sure you’re fully prepared for your event – visit the exclusive London Triathlon HUUB website here to find out more.

Please note: the order deadline for hiring a HUUB wetsuit is Monday 27 July 2020.

huub wetsuit

Do I need a wetsuit?

A wetsuit is compulsory and it is your responsibility to ensure you have one on race day. The wetsuit will not only keep you warm, but will also help you swim faster as it provides you with extra buoyancy.

Wetsuits must be worn up to 25°C. Should the water temperature exceed 25°C wetsuits are not permitted and changes to the event may be made at the organisers discretion. We will keep you updated with water temperature as we get closer to race day and and share the final result on the morning of the event.

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