The bike discipline is the longest in distance and duration of your race however it often tends to be one of the more underestimated disciplines. If you haven’t been on a bike for a few years, the saying ‘easy like riding a bicycle’ may spring to mind, however, failure to prepare may leave you lacking in energy and struggling on the run.

You don’t need to have the flashiest bike with all the bells and whistles, just a bike in good working order that will get you around the course and through training. If you are only renting a bike for the day of the event, you can still get your training in on gym/stationary bikes.

If you are already keen cyclist make sure your sessions are focused and specific not just general miles out on the road structured interval sessions will be important to help you get stronger and increase your speed.



While longer steady rides outdoors are important from an endurance point of view, you should also be incorporating hill rep and interval style sessions into your workouts, the shorter more intense sessions are also great if you’re limited for time.


After a warm-up, find a longer steady hill and repeat the climb, it is great for building strength in the legs. Time the hill effort and try to keep each effort the same pace – go off too hard and your times will get slower, too easy and you won’t be getting the maximum benefit from it you could. Time each repetition and aim to keep it consistent each time.


You should also incorporate intervals at a max effort. Intervals at your maximum effort can help to build your ability to hold a higher speed for a longer period of time, take a look at session examples for a way to structure your interval session.


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