Warm Up and Stretching

Warming up before a training session is important, simply put, it is the process of preparing our bodies for exercise. This movement preparation will allow us to move more efficiently, which from a performance point of view is preferable. More efficient movement puts less stress on joints which contributes to lower injury risk. Flexibility is […]

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Bike Maintenance & Servicing

It is important to keep your bike clean and get it regularly serviced if you don’t look after your bike it is likely you will get problems with it more frequently. Your local bike shop will normally be staffed by experienced riders and mechanics and will offer different levels of servicing depending on what you […]

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Goggle Guide

We’re often asked ‘which goggles should I buy?’ Or ‘what goggles should I use for open water swimming?’ There is no simple answer, it comes down to personal preference, some styles of goggle will fit some faces better than others, some trial and error will be required. Try a few pairs on and pick one […]

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Swimming Wetsuit Guide

There are lots of wetsuits on the market, so make sure you buy a triathlon/swimming specific suit to give you the best support. Zone3, our official wetsuit sponsor, have written a guide to wetsuits below. Fit It is important to consider the fit when buying a wetsuit to try to select the correct size for […]

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