Your body is an incredible machine. And like most machines, it’s powered by fuel.

You’ve probably learned (maybe the hard way?) that you can’t just feed your body any kind of fuel at any given time. To attain and sustain performance at any level, you need the right fuel at the right time.

Which brings us to: Glucose (AKA, sugar. AKA, your primary fuel source. AKA, your best friend and worst enemy, depending how you and your body manage it.)

Glucose is your body’s preferred fuel source during threshold and high intensity exercise. Optimising your glucose levels in training helps you go faster for longer and get bigger gains. Optimising your glucose levels in a race helps you go faster longer and achieve your performance goals.

When you eat or drink something, the available glucose in that substance is either used for immediate fueling demands or is stored for future use. And you know what they say about extremes. Too much or too little of a good thing can be a bad thing. With glucose, it’s the same game. Which means detrimental effects on your athletic performance if you consume too much (or too little) leading up to—or during—an event.

More than 40 factors can influence glucose levels at any given time. Not to mention every single body has its own unique fuelling requirements, which means you can’t just use another athlete’s winning strategy to fuel your own. Optimising fuel levels to maximise your performance is nearly impossible without real-time visibility to your own glucose levels.

Here’s where you can turn the guessing game of fuelling and energy management into a personal science. With the Supersapiens app connected to the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, you will learn your body’s individual response to glucose. Once you understand your body’s fuel requirements, you can find your optimal glucose performance zone and sustain power through the finish line.

Real-time glucose visibility. No more guessing. No more missed opportunities. This is the future of performance. This is Supersapiens.