Performance Tips

Bike Tips


Make sure you know your route through Transition when switching between disciplines as well as where you racked your bike. Getting lost in Transition will add seconds to your finish time that you have been training for months to reduce!



The race is governed by British Triathlon Federation Referees. Visit for all rules and regulations.

Key rules are:

  • Cycles and equipment must be placed in the same position at the start and finish of the cycle leg.
  • No cycling is allowed in the Transition area at any time. There will be a clearly marked mount and dismount line at ‘Bike Out’ and ‘Bike In’.
  • You must secure your helmet strap before removing your bike from the rack and it must not be undone until your bike is replaced on the rack after finishing the bike course. You will be given a time penalty if you do not comply with this rule.
  • No headphones may be worn during any phase of the race and will result in either a penalty or disqualification.
  • Nudity is not permitted within the Transition area.
  • Penalties for elites will be served in a penalty box at the start of the run.
  • Time penalties will be issued for non-elites.
  • Appropriate racing attire must be worn for the duration of the race.



Make sure you know the route! It is your responsibility to navigate the course successfully and safely and to count your own laps. The bike course can get very slippery when wet – please take extra care and cycle carefully. There will be no drink stations on the bike course – you should prepare a drink that is suitable for you and have it on your bike before the race starts.



Always keep to the left-hand side of the course and do not create a blocking incident. Blocking is where a competitor who is behind cannot pass due to the leading competitor being poorly placed on the course.



No drafting is allowed except elites, i.e. taking shelter behind or beside another competitor during the cycling leg of the race.

The ‘bicycle draft zone’ will be 10 metres long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. The draft zone of one competitor must not overlap the draft zone of another competitor. Competitors may enter the draft zone of another competitor for overtaking but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds is allowed to pass through the draft zone of another competitor. If an overtaking manoeuvre is not completed within 20 seconds, the overtaking cyclist must drop back. When other competitors pass a competitor, it is his/her responsibility to move out of the draft zone of the overtaking competitor within 5 seconds. Failure to do so may result in an official caution or time penalty. A competitor is passed when another competitor’s front wheel is ahead of his/her front wheel. If a competitor is frequently passed by, or seen to be frequently passing the same competitor, this will be seen as working with or drafting off that competitor and will be subject to the same penalty as drafting.

Motorcycle and static British Triathlon Federation Referees will patrol the course to enforce the no drafting rule.